Cookie usage

We use cookies on various pages in order to make visiting our website attractive and to enable the use of certain functions. These are small text files that are stored on your computer.Most of the cookies we use are deleted from your hard drive after the end of the browser session (so-called session cookies).Other cookies remain on your computer and allow us to recognize your computer on your next visit (so-called persistent cookies).These cookies are used to display personalized and non-public content after we have identified and verified your identity.Our partner companies are not permitted to collect, process or use personal data via cookies via our website.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are cookies which allow the website to work with the minimum functionality for an incoming user. Please see the cookies we need to set in order to provide the minimum functionality.
meibatech_(hash), meibatech_sec_ (hash)meiba.techSessionAllows saving the selected user settings and credentials, as well as the ability of the browser to detect if cookies can be stored. The cookie allows access control to non-public data.
meibatech_languagemeiba.tech1 yearStores the language selection of the last visited page.
meibatech _test_cookiemeiba.techSessionHelps the website to determine the browsers cookie settings and storage capability.
meibatech_logged_in_ (hash)meiba.tech14 daysThe cookie stores whether or not you are logged in to the client area for registered clients, who you are and helps to display customized and non-public information which requires access control. (just logged in customers)
wfwaf-authcookie-(hash)meiba.tech12 hoursThis cookie allows the firewall to check the permission level of the actual user before requested contents are loaded by the system. (just logged in customers)
wf_loginalerted_ (hash)meiba.tech12 hoursThis cookie allows to notify the administrator of the system in case a user tries to access the administration of system on general administration level. This cookie is not set for common customers. (customers who intent to reach general administrative level)
moove_gdpr_popupmeiba.tech1 yearStores the cookie preferences of the actual user.

Third party cookies

These cookies are written by external companies on your computer, if you agree to the use of these cookies. This will give third parties access to certain data listed in the table.
_gaGoogle Inc.2 yearsA cookie which sets a unique identifier to distinguish users. Additional information
_gatGoogle Inc.1 minuteIs used to create statistics and interprete the usage of a website. Additional information
_gidGoogle Inc.24 hoursIs used to create statistics and interprete the usage of a website. Additional information