MBT-SR3: Affordable façade advertising system

Solid banner attachment with simple technology

Our MBT-SR3 is our low-cost advertising system for attaching banners to buildings and facades. This beginner system finally makes large-format outdoor advertising affordable for smaller companies, self-employed and start-ups.

The mounting of the advertising banners is done with prefabricated wall anchors and a 3.0 mm stainless steel cable. The steel cable is fixed in the retaining rings like a frame and tensioned via turnbuckles. The grommeted banners are then connected and tensed with quality cable ties to the frame formed by the steel cable.

We offer this advertising system in various designs:

  1. Metal pieces from galvanised steel
  2. Metal pieces from  stainless steel
For both versions we offer the following options for attaching the banner to the frame:
  1. Cable ties
  2. Tension rubbers

Important advantages at the first glance

simple installation
0 %
plain banner surface
0 %
illumiable (*)
0 %
weather proof (**)
0 %
quality materials
0 %

(*) with a frontlit, mesh or blockout advertising banner and an optional lighting system
(**) we recommend removing the banner during storm warnings to avoid damage


Great advertising at a small price

“MBT-SR3” is the new synonym for affordable, large format advertising. The system gives smaller businesses, self-employed and start-ups the opportunity for high visibility with extra large banners and low-cost mounting.

Get the attention of clientele that was previously only accessible to financially stronger advertisers.

  • affordable technology with great effect
  • dimensions according to your wishes
  • solid quality of all components

Plain banner surface

Despite the simplicity of the system, it allows you to attach the advertising banners without creases.

To do this, you first tension the stainless steel cable all around with turnbuckles. You attach the banner with cable ties on all sides, which you also use to align and tension the advertising.

  • Plain and tensed banner surface
  • banner mounting on all sides

Easy mounting

When designing this system, we also placed great emphasis on simplicity during installation.

Basic manual skills are sufficient to assemble this advertising system yourself. All you need are the everyday tools that are available in most households.

Nevertheless, for safety reasons, we recommend installation by a professional.

  • Easy to understand technology
  • Assembly with standard tools

Illuminable with spotlights

This advertising system is suitable for front lighting with spotlights or similar lighting systems.

  • Suitable for front lighting
  • Banner materials: frontlit, mesh or blockout

Data sheet


  • wall anchors, galvanised steel
  • synthetic cable ties
  • stainless steel cable 3,0 mm


  • Wall distance: apr. 50 mm
  • Wall distance banner: apr. 35 mm

Optionally available

  • Stainless steel components
  • Tension rubbers