Facade advertising system: MBT 12-8

Large scale, elegant indoor and outdoor advertising

Our MBT 12-8 is a high performance advertising system to display large scale outdoor, and indoor advertisements on facades or walls.

One of the highlights of the system is the simplicity and velocity of the advertisement exchange: The banner advertisement is lifted, tensed and stabilised within the system by covered lifting mechanisms, driven by a self-braking crank and a removable lever.

Each unit is fully customised according to your individual requirements and needs.

We drafted and designed the system and all of its components, and we compose your MBT 12-8 in our workshop in Germany, in the immediate surrounding of Stuttgart and the Stuttgart trade fair.

All advantages at the first glance

till 0 mm
maximum system width
till 0 mm
maximum system height
till 0 %
cheaper banner replacement (*)
till 0 %
faster banner replacement (*)
0 %
front and back illuminable (**)
0 %
weather proof (***)
0 %
quality materials
0 %
elegant design

(*) in case that the crank and the lower edge of the advertising system is accessible without operating platform or similar tools.
(**) in combination with a front- or backlit banner and a lighting system planned and provided by an electrician of your confidence.
(***) In case of storm warning, the banner must be removed to avoid damage.

Functionality & characteristics

Large scale facade advertising

The MBT 12-8 is designed and built to display large scale facade and wall advertisements. It provides a plenty of advantages and characteristics which will be explained further on.

  • max. width 10.000 mm
  • max. height 15.000 mm
  • max. profile extension length 5.000 mm

Covered lifting technology

The MBT 12-8 provides a unique lifting system. Its technology is almost entirely located in the interior of the guiding aluminium profiles. This allows you to display your advertisement in a perfect manner.

  • Interior located steel cable lifting system
  • Crank with automatic brake
  • Removable lever
  • Minimum dimension of visible mechanical elements

Closed frame

As soon as the banner is set in its final position within the MBT 12-8, the aluminium profiles build a visually closed and appealing frame.

  • Profiles build a visually closed frame
  • Covered banner elements like grommet rings and welts

Wrinkle-free banners

One of the most important characteristics of the MBT 12-8 is the wrinkle-free banner display, almost without any surface distortion.

The inside located sliding carriages create the horizontal banner tension with the help of t-bar toggle loops.

The vertical banner tension is created by the lifting system itself.

  • Wrinkle-free banner advertisements
  • Horizontal and vertical tension of the banner
  • Almost distortion free banner display

Easy access from the ground

To grant easy and fast exchange of your advertisements located in higher display positions, we offer optional guiding profile extensions.

These extensions serve as a prolongation mounted right below the vertical guiding profiles and create a solid unit.

Like this, you can change the banner from a convenient height without any additional tools or operating platforms.

  • Display of higher located ads granting ground access
  • Visually appealing solution through unity
  • Crank mounting on the bottom edge of the extension

Front- and back light capable

Due to its design and construction characteristics, you can light the MBT 12-8 from the front with spotlights, or from the back with LEDs.

We do not produce or recommend the lighting system. The lighting system must be planned and installed by an electrician of your choice and confidence.

  • Can be lit from the front and back
  • Front light with frontlit banners
  • Back light with backlit banners

RAL®-colour scheme available

We can manufacture your MBT 12-8 in RAL®-colours powder coating. This allows you to customize the colour according to the facade, or create stylish contrasts depending on the desired effect and personal preference.

  • Optional powder coating in RAL-colours possible
  • Inconspicuousness or stylish contrast on demand

Twist free oversizes

System with more than 5.000 mm width receive a middle roll stabilizing mechanism which guarantees the easy lifting and exchange of heavy banner advertisements.

It also takes care to maintain the profiles proof against high torsion forces.

  • Torsion stable at bigger sizes than 5.000 mm width
  • Middle roll element with stabilizing mechanism
  • Einfaches Einziehen über Hubsystem trotz Übergröße

Technical data sheet


  • Guiding profiles (anodized aluminium)
  • Horizontal profiles (anodized aluminium)
  • L-Profiles (aluminium)
  • Carriage slides (stainless steel)
  • Profile carriages (stainless steel)
  • Crank and Lever
  • Screws, self securing screw nuts and  shims (stainless steel)
  • Stainless steel cable 3,00 mm


  • Width till 10,000 mm
  • Height till 15,000 mm
  • Guiding Profiles: 120 mm x  90 mm
  • Horizontal profiles: 120 mm x 25 mm

Optionally available

  • Middle roll stabilizer from 5.000 mm width
  • Guiding profile extensions
  • RAL-colour powder coating