MBT-KR52: request cost estimate

    How may we serve you?

    We would be happy to prepare a personal and non-binding cost estimate for you.
    For this we need the following, partly binding information.

    Amount of units

    Outer dimensions

    Surface finish

    Which type of surface finish would you like to receive? *

    Optional banner printing

    Would you like us to offer a corresponding banner? *

    Please choose the banner material *

    PVC MeshPVC FrontlitPVC BacklitPVC Blockout

    On-site installation

    Please tell user where the installation has to be done.

    Photo of the installation surface

    We can advise you better if you optionally send us a photo of the facade or mounting surface.

    Offer alternative systems

    If you wish, we can offer you other systems from our selection in parallel.

    Please choose which systems we should offer you for selection.


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